Your DNA Has the Answers


We run a simple cheek swab to test your DNA and RNA.  This allows us to understand your problems, build models, test solutions, and provide the be protocol customized for you.  AWESOME!!


We check your DNA, mRNA, and expressions against 8 billion bio markers.  The system nails down the cause of your depression and runs virtual clinical trials until we find the right protocol for you.  SUPER COOL!!


Your microbiome (the environment inside your gut) controls up to 90% of all serotonin production, which is the ultimate feel good drug.  Research shows that not only does a healthy microbiome produce more serotonin, but it helps the body fix itself.  We help restore and support your microbiome.  WOW!!


Science now tells us that nutrition can fix most depression and anxiety cases.  What makes Blues Butler special is we can target the science to the specific foods and nutrients, with dosages, that your unique body needs to heal itself.  UNBELIEVABLE!!


One of our licensed clinicians will be assigned to serve you.  You will get the attention, courtesy, and results that you deserve.  We love our patients and will serve you until you are satisfied with your results and our service or we will give you your money back.  FINALLY!!