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Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


Blues Butler is a service provided by BoTi Health, LLC.  We are a clinical pharmacy dedicated to supporting our patients with chronic diseases.

Our company is comprised of clinical pharmacists, nutritionists, physicians, bio-engineers, computer scientists, and customer experience experts.  By bringing all of these experts together we can provide a complete, state of the art, and personalized health care experience that puts patients first.  More importantly we are moms, dads, and spouses of those who suffer with depression and anxiety.  Some of us have suffered from depression and anxiety personally.  

One of our foundational principles is that your body is built to heal itself and our job is to support your body.  Doctor's don't heal, they are trained to treat and stabilize your conditions.  Many times physicians mask your symptoms without dealing with the underlying cause which leads to negative side effects.  Everybody in our company has experience with antidepressant side effects including zombification, acne, uncontrolled shaking, weight gain, loss of libido, suicidality, and sleep disorders.  

We use the latest technology to support your mental health without the horrible side effects.  Our side effects can include positive outcomes including weight loss, better sleep, more energy, and stronger family relationships.

Depression and anxiety is a national epidemic and the mental health profession has so far been unable to deal with the magnitude of the problem or adjust to the latest research. 

We work hard everyday to serve our patients and make the world a little happier. 


it's a pleasure to serve you!

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