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DNA testing with powerful artificial intelligence to find the cause and solutions to depression and anxiety.

Too many people just like you suffer from depression and anxiety.  You need relief.  We can help.

"Why do I have depression or anxiety?"

We don't know....but, we will find out!

The first step in our service is to find out why you suffer from depression and anxiety.  Our proprietary DNA & RNA test checks 3 billion bio markers to nail down the exact cause.  We aren't aware of any test that looks at so much detail. 

"How do I get lasting relief from Depression or Anxiety?"


Precision Medicine

You can find lasting relief through Precision Medicine.  Precision Medicine is healthcare that is perfectly customized to you and your DNA.  We scrub 3 billion bio markers in your DNA and RNA.  We then test thousands and thousands of treatment options in our artificial intelligence system until we have the correct combination specific to you.  It's like running a major clinical trial just for you.  We get a higher than 70% success rate at first.  After 30 days, we do a second RNA test to get our success rate into the high 90%'s.  The feedback loop is key!

We are so confident in our service, we will give you your money back if you aren't satisfied with the results or our service.

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We first test your DNA and RNA to nail down why you have depression.


While we wait for the test results, we start you on a Gut Repair Protocol to repair and strengthen your gut.  Surprisingly, most mental health difficulties start in your gut.  With a healthy gut, the therapy will work. 


Once we get your DNA & RNA tests results, we run them through a powerful Artificial Intelligence system testing thousands of therapy combinations to find the one that will work for you.  A book is then created with everything you need to do to get lasting relief.


We then start your personalized mental health protocol which includes a full nutrition plan tailored to support your mental health systems.  We do a follow up RNA test at 30 days and another at 90 days to track progress and make adjustments.  The feedback loop is key!

"What do your therapies and protocols entail?"


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You've suffered long enough, it would be a pleasure to serve you.

We are a very different type of healthcare company.  Everything we do is for our patient's health, comfort, safety, wellbeing, and wishes.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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