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Depression & Anxiety Your Service

DNA testing with powerful artificial intelligence to find the cause and solutions to depression and anxiety.

Too many people have struggled for years with depression and anxiety with little to no relief.  Could the reason be genetic?  We can test your DNA to find out!

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"Why do I have depression or anxiety?"

There may be a reason why therapy and medications aren't helping.

We are here to find out why you suffer from depression and anxiety.  Our proprietary DNA & RNA test checks 8.7 billion bio markers to nail down the exact cause.  There is no other genetic mental health test that examines your genes with that much detail. 

"Why am I still struggling when i'm doing all of the 'right things'?"


Precision Medicine

You can find lasting relief through Precision Medicine.  Precision Medicine is healthcare that is perfectly customized to you and your DNA.  We scrub 8.7 billion bio markers in your DNA.  This allows us to identify if there is a genetic component impacting your mental health.  We can then test thousands and thousands of treatment options in our artificial intelligence system until we have the correct combination specific to you.  It's like running a major clinical trial just for you.  No more trial and error.  

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A simple cheek swab collection kit is sent to your home.

DNA Processing

We ​run a whole exome DNA test that gives us high resolution results.


We run 17 million pages of data to check 8.7 billion connections to find the exact cause of your depression and anxiety.  We then run tests on your DNA until we find solutions that will work.


We prepare a custom report with causes and solutions prepared just for you and a consultation with a licensed clinician and pharmacogenetic expert.

"What does the Blues Butler testing include?"


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You've suffered long enough, it would be a pleasure to serve you.

We are a very different type of healthcare company.  Everything we do is for our patient's health, comfort, safety, wellbeing, and wishes.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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